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Internet Marketing Or Advertising – Which Works Best?

First, you need to understand that there is a wide discrepancy between advertising online and marketing online. For years now, many internet marketers have been mistaking one for the other. This is why many have failed to identify or recognise where and how to get targeted audience to their product or service page for more leads or sales generation. In the present internet world, every online user is a potential customer. And almost 89.9999% of these internet users are familiar with online buying and selling, and about 99.999% of these these same internet users are out there to get knowledge about a product or service online. This is why the search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu and others, get a lot of searches daily. You can make this possible by hiring a marketing agency or you can choose to do it yourself and learn how to market your business. This is where your knowledge in marketing and advertising helps to convert these potential customers to your targeted customers. Did you just ask how? We will get to that part.

     have come to realise that internet marketing is best seen in affiliate marketing and content marketing. The strategies used here work like marketing automation. And the other way, the online advertisement is mostly done by a company. Now I see why companies pay digital marketers or content marketers to promote their products or services, as advertising product is not enough. Another question I assume has popped up in your head is, what is the difference? We are almost there.
     It is important you learn how to market a product or service. But to do this, you must first know your product and understand why your customers should buy your product. How can your product or service solve your customers problems? All these are important for you to know, before approaching your targeted customers.
>>>>> What Is online Advertisement?  
In my own understanding of what this means, it is the act of informing or telling people (not necessarily a targeted audience) about the existence of a product or service online. And in most times, this is done via product or service display. It is more like creating awareness. In such cases, less sales or click rates are generated. This is due to the fact that little or no information is shown about the advertised product or service. Here we get the banner display or link display that is attached to a slogan.
Disadvantage of advertisement: The product or service exposure online is limited. This brings us to the effect low SEO in advertisement. In banner display, you can still feel the effect of search engine optimization with the use of the ALT tag in the image section of your banner code. Also, in your link display, you can insert niche related keywords in your slogan or link title too. But these SEO benefits are limited, compared to internet marketing. In other words, you make less sales, generate less leads or get less click rates with your banner display.
>>>>> What is internet marketing?

Again, from my understanding, internet marketing is the detailed introduction of a product or service to a specific or targeted group of audience, with an aim to sharing the product or service knowledge with your potential customers, to create a connection or bond between your targeted audience and the product or service owners. Wow! What an explanation. I think I killed it there. Internet marketing is more SEO friendly than internet advertising. In this, there will be use of long tail keywords, and also benefit from a blog or website’s organic traffic, which generates more sales or leads than normal traffic. Imagine Google, Handed, Bing, Baidu and other big search engines get to index your marketing page and suggest it to your potential customers who have made searches for something related to your product or service. With this, the chance of paying for your products or services is very high. Its benefits are vast. I don’t think there’s any disadvantage(s) in internet marketing.

>>> In one simple sentence, marketing is more detailed than advertising.
Do I still need to ask you which of the above will benefit your business more?
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