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It’s no secret that the Internet is full of money making opportunities, and for a lot of its users, the internet is like a gold mine. There are however, many people who are missing out on the online money making train.  For those who are in this moving train, not everyone is making money online. What could possibly be the cause of this? This has been the ever burning question in many affiliate marketers’ mind. There are rules to making money online. And for the sake of those who are new to affiliate programs and internet marketing, we will be talking about what is an affiliate program, what is affiliate marketing, what is internet marketing, how to generate leads or make sales in affiliate marketing , list of top and high paying affiliate programs you can work with and make huge profits.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program is a money making opportunity that is offered by a company to its affiliate(s), where an affiliate can make money by promoting or driving targeted traffic or audience to such company’s product(s) or service(s), with an aim to generating sales or leads. In this case, the affiliate earns some percentage from the company’s generated sales. Affiliates are like contract workers, with terms and conditions to work with. Some companies tell you their accepted marketing channels. When your marketing technique is against what they want, you can get banned. It is advisable you read through their affiliate terms and conditions before accepting.

As an affiliate, you cannot promote all the numerous offers available to you. Not it is just about the possible money you can make if you promote all offers. It is important you put your targeted audience first. Promote only the offers they need, not what you want. Also, remember not to be Jack of all trades and master of none. It is not compulsory to work with all affiliate programs. Only work with the relevant but  few ones that can give you quality offers, products and services, with high conversion rates and are reliable. This is why Copytheweb blog has put together, a list of top high paying and reliable affiliate programs in different niche you can choose from.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an act of connecting targeted audience to a company’s product or service, for the purpose of generating leads or making sales and getting paid for it. You can get paid per click, cost per action, cost per sales, etc. Affiliate marketing can be done via content marketing, banner display, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, etc. And in affiliate marketing, you can make money online without investment. More will be said about this as we move on.

What Is Internet Marketing?
Online Marketing, Internet Marketing

Similar to affiliate marketing, it is an act of connecting targeted traffic or audience to a product or service, which can be a personal product and service or a company’s, for the purpose of creating a relationship, generating leads and sales, and converting traffic to revenue. In internet marketing, you might not have product and service to sell to your targeted audience. As in the case of blogging, you don’t sell your contents to your readers, neither do you charge them penny to gain access to your contents. Still, internet marketing is very imperative, if you want to connect your contents with targeted website traffic. Driving huge targeted traffic to your website or blog is where the income is, even though your audience do not pay to read your contents. This is where affiliate marketing is different from internet marketing. This means, not all internet marketers are affiliate marketers. So, when you are marketing as an affiliate, you are after generating sales and not just getting traffic.How To Generate Leads Or Make sales In Affiliate Marketing


     There are tens and hundreds of ways to make sales online e.g. social media marketing, internet marketing via advertising, content marketing or blogging, SEO , etc. Many are in search of how to make money online without paying anything. Your search isn’t wrong, because there are ways on how to make real money online for free. All you need is the right online money making opportunities and marketing techniques. Get yourself ready to make money online from home. Because in this post, we will be talking about content marketing or blogging and how to write content that converts and makes money for you as an affiliate marketer. On CopyTheWeb blog, we have already written a lot of articles on  SEO and how to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog for free. But today, we are focusing on content marketing.

One secret of any successful affiliate marketer is that audience are more important to them than the products or services. If you can know your customers value, you will know what quality product or service to offer your customers. Listen to them to understand what they want. You can understand what they want only when you have a connection with them. You create a connection with your audience when you feel what they feel, know their problems and can solve their problems. In simple words, be problems solver to your audience and you will win their hearts. Make your audience know they are more important to you and you will always be there for them and their needs are your number one concern. If you can make them feel this way, they will be ever ready to accept any product or service recommendation you give to them.

In content marketing, it is very advisable you do not present to your readers or targeted audience, this marketing tone, in your created content. When you communicate with your readers, conceal your marketing voice and present a helping voice. When you check to see daily searches made on Google, about 95% of these searches are from solution seekers. If such category of audience wanted a product or service, they would have gone to the nearest stores or companies in their neighborhoods. So, clicking to visit your post and reading it, only means they are expecting a well explained solution from you. Don’t forget, we have millions of articles online, but yours was chosen. So, make it worth it. In the course of rendering solution, you can then tip in an affiliate product or service as a reference point, during which you can explain how such a product or service can solve their problems too, should they choose to take an extra step in dealing with their problems.

Let it come as a recommendation and not a suggestion. When your affiliate program or service comes as a suggestion, it means you don’t know your product or service and cannot boast of what it can do. Product knowledge is very important. Only then can you recommend to your readers in a more friendly and convincing, yet marketable way. It is not compulsory you must have a blog or website before you can follow this internet marketing tip. With a well explained solution to a problem, and also including referential link(s) to your affiliate product or service in your explained solution, you can submit this as a guest post in a blog or website that accepts guest blogging. With all being said, we can now proceed to list of high paying affiliate programs.

As stated earlier, there are tens and hundreds of ways to market your affiliate products and services. Internet marketing can be done the easy way or the stressful way. In the stressful ways, you have to locate your targeted audience and create a relation all by yourself. This might involve creating rich contents that convert or working on your SEO to enable search engines market for you. But for the easy way, you can work with internet marketing companies or use some good marketing tools or software to make your internet marketing easier. Below are more ways on how to make money online for beginners. There are thousand ways on how to make money online for free. You can either choose the fast money making ways or the other. For the fast money making ways, there are money making tools designed to set your income stream on autopilot. This means, it is a done-for-you system. Hassle free, no sweat. The easiest way to generate money online quickly is to connect to free targeted traffic. The good news is, there are list of affiliate marketing tools that can do that for you and we already listed some of these affiliate marketing tools for you below. Some of these recommendations will expose you to more money making opportunities, together with ways to generate income with these opportunities. Below are my tutorials and recommendations on how to make easy money online:

=> FIVERR AFFILIATE: It is very easy to make money with Fiverr. Get paid by driving those traffic to your Fiverr affiliate product and service page. Promote the world’s most popular and biggest marketplace for digital services and get paid for it. There are many Fiverr products you can promote and get paid for. Fiverr is for everyone and for every business. You can promote their educational platform where businesses and freelancers can learn and acquire skills from experts. You can also promote Fiverr pro and AndCo. From tech to marketing to design, Fiverr has the solution for every need. As an affiliate, you earn $10 CPA + 10% RevShare or up to $150 CPA in offer. This means you earn $150 CPA on all Fiverr pro services you promote, 30% on all Fiverr learning service you promote and 30% on all ANDCO service you promote. Fiverr offers different commissions ($15-$50) depending on the category your buyer purchases from.


$50 – Whiteboard & Animated Explainers
Video & Animation

Book & eBook Writing – NEW!

Writing & Translation
Architecture & Interior Design – NEW!

Graphics & Design​
Game Development

Programming & Tech

$40 – Website Builders & CMS

Programming & Tech
Mobile Apps & Web

Programming & Tech

Programming & Tech
Web & Mobile Design

Graphics & Design
E-Commerce Development

Programming & Tech

$30 – Web Programming – NEW!

Programming & Tech

Digital Marketing
Website Content – NEW!

Writing & Translation
Proofreading & Editing – NEW!

Writing & Translation
3D Models & Product Design

Graphics & Design
Packaging Design – NEW!

Graphics & Design
Business Plans – NEW!

Data Analysis & Reports

Programming & Tech
Short Video Ads – NEW!

Video & Animation

$25 –  Articles & Blog Posts

Writing & Translation
Virtual Assistant – NEW!


Graphics & Design
E-Commerce Marketing – NEW!

Digital Marketing
Voice Over

Music & Audio

Writing & Translation
Product Descriptions – NEW!

Writing & Translation

$15 on all other categories.

Now you can see that Feverr covers almost everything you can find in the digital marketplace. Signup here.

===> These few listed are my favorite and they are very reliable too. When more are discovered, they will be updated here. But remember, it is not compulsory you register as an affiliate with all companies online. Even with the few you know, use them to fatten your wallet. Also know that this post will be updated from time to time with new  online affiliate programs.

SHAREASALE: This is an affiliate marketing company that allows affiliates to earn commission from sales or leads generated. ShareASale works with thousands of top advertisers in different categories of products or services. No matter your niche as a blogger or publisher, ShareASale fits in. Registration for affiliates is very simple, compared to other affiliate marketing companies. As an affiliate,  signup here to start making money online.
GAINROCK AFFILIATE: This is one good way to earn passive income by getting paid for every referral you get. There are many ways to earn with Gainrock  as an affiliate. You can get paid  30% commission for every affiliate you bring in, 10% monthly commission every time marketers order content services from one of their services and $50 for every website or blog owner you refer to buy any of their SEO services. They are well known for their SEO service. This will make your earning easier, as it is a popular SEO service company you can work with. Signup  here.

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