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     Teleconferencing is one good way to host meetings online with different people in different locations. This involves the use of any of the conference call services online to connect with business partners, friends or families. Before the pandemic, I mean Covid 19, many businesses saw little importance of using conference call to strengthen their business. But the aftermath of the Coronavirus, which has called for the need for social distancing,  left many opened to the usefulness and need for conference call. You can host an online class or webinar, meetings or video conference calls, etc. If you are a business owner, you can host a group interview with your potential candidates or meeting with your team of employees to talk about business strategy. No matter your need, there will always be a conference call service that will work for you, as there are list of best free and paid conference call services you can choose from. In today’s article, I will be talking about ZOOM.

                What is ZOOM?  
Zoom is a conferencing service that enables you to connect with one or more person over a video or voice call via app or software or website platform. It is a cloud based system that offers both free and paid service to individuals and companies of all sizes. With its cloud recording features and HD video conferencing, it is best for large teams. If you are an online coach, Zoom is the best conferencing tool you need for your coaching career. Zoom offers a cheap conference call with their pro paid plans which starts at $14.99 per month. With $19.99/month you can host up to 300 participants in a conference meeting. This is more than what its competitors offer. Zoom is also free for 100 participants at most in a conference call. Above this number, you will be charged. For video conferencing and cloud conferencing, Zoom stands out among its competitors with high image quality delivery.


Tips For Using Zoom For Conference Call And Video Meeting
One major challenge you should expect as the host is that everyone cannot join the conference call or meeting at the same. Not everyone is familiar video conferencing. For this reason, your invited participants need to be told to download Zoom app or software on their device before clicking the invite link you sent to them. It is also advisable that you be on Zoom at least 5 minutes to the meeting time. This will enable you to welcome early comers to the Zoom meeting. The reason is that, if you don’t go on Zoom before the invited participants, on their first visit, without you (the host) online, this message will be displayed to them, “waiting for the host to start the meeting “.
As the host on Zoom, you can mute someone whose belief or opinion is contradicting the subject or topic on ground. When you are hosting a video meeting or conference call for more than 10 participants, everyone should be instructed to mute their microphone and only type messge if there is need for attention. Also, if you are using Zoom to give online class, don’t forget to mute all participants. The importance of muting all active members online is to help reduce background noise to its minimal.
Hosting A Personal Audio Conference Call
Personal Audio Conference (PAC) is a 10 or 11 digit ID that can be shared with your conference call participants and this can also be configured like passcode or dial-in number. This host key can be found on your profile. This feature is available to paid subscribers who want to host phone dial-in only. You can learn how to enable or disable the PAC feature by visiting the Zoom support. To get more audio conferencing options, you can also check it out here. Do you want to invite a call to conference meeting on Zoom? Get more help here.
Zoom Free Video Conferencing
I will love to throw more light on Zoom free basic plan. Zoom combines simplicity and very useful social features to help you connect, share, plan, create, chat and accomplish more with others in different locations at the same time. Zoom Free Basic package includes a variety of features and capabilities, including free conference calls. On your smartphone, laptop, tablet or any device,  you can host a secure and free video conference call on Zoom. With quality HD video and audio, as well as features that will enhance interaction and better video  conferencing such as screen sharing and annotation, Zoom makes it very simple for even a beginner to understand how to initiate a video call or even join a secure video conversation.
To enjoy all this, all you need is an internet enabled device with a camera, microphone and speaker. To enjoy a simple, intuitive conference meeting experience, download Zoom free video conferencing app from Playstore or Apple store. The Zoom free video conference call, regardless of location, enables the employees of a company or business to successfully collaborate with colleagues and easily  communicate with clients. You can use this free international video conference call available to build your business by improving the communication that already exist between you and your customers or clients. By making engaging business calls, you can use conference call or meeting as a powerful sales tool. 
Do you know that conference call can save you both time and travel cost? Imagine you have clients in Africa, Asia and Europe and your company is headquartered in the United States and you have some deals to conclude with them. Without  the need to travel to those continents, you can just host them in a conference call or meeting and address that needs to be addressed. You can imagine how much expenses this has saved you. Zoom video conferencing enables you to work from anywhere and still be everywhere at the same time. Business owners love Zoom for its interactive and engaging features, easy to use, security, worldwide availability and reliability. With all this been said, now you know why as a business owner, you should add Zoom to your tools.

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