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You must know that Google generally doesn’t like promotional guest posting. Now, this doesn’t mean I should not allow guest posts on CopyTheWEB. Instead, it means that I need to be pickier. I don’t just accept guest posts because I think it will increase my traffic. I Accept guest blogging because the contents will benefit my readers. is on tech related, health and beauty, SEO tips, lifestyle, education, insurance, mortgage, online money making, internet marketing, blogger tricks, coding and designs, How to (DIY), diseases, conditions and treatment, computer and internet, etc. It is a multifaceted blog. Below is list of other niche we accept: -Loans -Insurance -Mortgage -Credit Card -Attorney -Education (college, university, degree) -Cloud Hosting -Trading -Bitcoin -Technology -Digital Marketing -Telecom -Web Hosting -Healthcare (rehab, treatment, cord blood), etc.

Write For Us And Get Free Backlinks, Traffic and Exposure Online.

Here is a general guideline to follow:


  • Your content has to be not just good, but interesting too. I mean really really interesting. It has to be very informative, fun to read and actually give some quality, well thought out pieces of information. We need posts that will get comments from readers. Your article is considered share-worthy if it can get comments. But if you don’t think your post will get comments, then don’t even bother.
  • If you intend promoting your business directly, it cannot be accepted on .I will advise that you do it professionally by writing a comprehensive and well detailed article, highlighting reasonable reasons as to why Copytheweb readers should read your post. Try to make it fun to read. This will encourage readers engagement. This way, your article will be promoted by readers across social media.   You can choose from the following niches to write about:
  • PPC, eCommerce, online advertising, etc…
    • Fitness and health
    • Everything search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Diseases and conditions
    • Email marketing
    • Social media
    • Blogging
    • Copywriting
    • Personal finance
    • Website design
    • Technology
    • Gadgets
    • etc… Did you get the message?
For free guest bloggers or contributors

Blog post or content should contain a maximum of 2 different useful links. This is for reference purpose. I don’t have a minimum number of links that should be in a post, but I do have a maximum, especially for free guest blogging. People have written blog posts on almost all topics out there, so instead of regurgitating the same old information, you can link out to the sites that have already covered it for reference purposes. Product or service citation is not allowed. This also means, promotional terms not allowed in your content as free guest blogger. Instead of promoting,  help my readers with relevant contents. Our readers want to see the solution to their problems. Don’t forget to use keywords tools to get relevant keywords related to your topic. This will drive crazy targeted traffic to your article.

ARTICLE COUNT : At least 1,500 word counts


For Sponsored or paid contents: There is maximum number of  links, 5. My major concern is that, those links should refer to websites or sources that will benefit Copytheweb readers, and the links shouldn’t appear to be for advert purposes. Product or service citations are allowed. Use relevant keywords, especially long tail keywords related to your topic. There are hundreds of search engines online and the easiest way to attract them to your content is by writing original and rich contents with relevant keywords, especially long tail keywords. There are many free long tail keywords tools online you can use e.g. Instakeywords, Ubersearch and so on. Although, CopyTheWEB covers so many niches and topics online, you can as well message me on the niche you want to write about but not list below :
Technology, health, seo or digital marketing, lifestyle, blogging.
. I just want us to be on the same page. Spamming websites not allowed– Your content or bio should not be linked to spamming websites. This will result to the deletion of your published content(s), and possibly have your contributor’s account also deleted from CopyTheWEB.

Minimum content word counts: Google loves contents with a lot of useful and rich or relevant keywords. Also, we can’t ignore the power of contents with at least 1,200 words. This will do your article a lot of good, as Google and many other top search engines love to crawl and index such contents. More words, more website traffic.

The content(s) must be detailed and unique

I will never accept content that isn’t detailed or unique. What I mean by detailed is that the content needs to be at least 1,200 words with no fluff. You can always make a post meatier by adding details and steps. So, why not take an extra time to write a unique blog post that will benefit you and CopyTheWeb possibly forever?

Lastly, guest authors who contribute to dozens of blogs have a tendency to continually spin contents. They’ll take the same post topic and continually spin it so that they can guest post on more blogs. To combat this, I use service like Copyscape, which will point out any duplicate or similar articles. For this reason, I have the right to delete any published post I suspect to be a spined content.

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